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Noordeinde 24
3061 EN Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Email: info@aeneasstrategy.nl

Working at Æneas

Æneas provides a challenging opportunity for you to live a rewarding professional life. We provide freedom to develop your own customer base and skill-set. Æneas offers an entrepreneurial environment, rewarding initiative and results. We provide fun, care and ambition. Interested? Contact us!

Partners of Æneas


[email=tarik@aeneasstrategy.nl]Tarik Fawzi[/email] (1971) is married and has three children. He founded Æneas in 2004. Prior to that he worked at Procter & Gamble, EnerTel, Galileo Management Consultants and Ben/T-Mobile. He is the Founder of the Telecom Society and a CouncilMember Leader of the Gerson Lehrman Group. Tarik’s hobbies are running, fitness, history and politics.

[email=anton@aeneasstrategy.nl]Anton Luijks [/email](1970) is married and has three children. He joined Æneas as a partner beginning 2007. Before he worked as a lawyer at a construction company, as a consultant at Galileo Management Consultants and he held several management positions at KPN. In his spare time, Anton is advisor for starting enterprises and he likes to sport, read and be active in an international service club.