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Keep it simple: that is the challenge. But nevertheless crucial in a very complex environment with several stakeholders e.g shareholders, retained organisation, management, employees to be transferred, unions etc.
Communicate in a transparent way to the right people on the right time with the right message.
From feasibility-study through to contracting, from current to future mode of operation, Æneas will lead you the way .
In this complex and multidisciplinary environment Æneas enables your organisation to become more flexible, cost effective and eventually meet the goals so your company will reach safe harbour. All business is human. Æneas bears this constantly in mind while working with people as key (f)actors.

In it’s mobile activities, Æneas keeps it’s eyes on the ball by focusing on the end-user. Too much internal focus is avoided. Often departments work in splendid isolation from other organisational entities. Æneas looks over the departmental boundaries whilst focusing on organisation-wide objectives.
Project results should last and meet long term organisational objectives. Where easy wins should be grabbed, this should never be at the expense of the long run. Status quo is not taken for granted, but the bar is raised high.
Organisations should be aware of their specific value add. Partnering is often a key necessity to provide total solution. Choosing the appropriate partners is key.
Æneas operates fact-based, avoiding assumptions, acting towards concrete results.

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