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Aeneas Strategy offers new services


In addition to core services in the field of interim-management (projectmanagement, marketing, deal-making), Aeneas Strategy offers tailored self-developed strategy workshops, wargames and courses for marketplayers.

Aeneas offers strategy workshops for players in the valuechain who are in need of inspiration from other industries. Aeneas uses her extensive network with experienced managers to bring non-conventional views. The objective of these sessions are to bring external insights to customers.

Aeneas Strategy has developed a format for wargames. The objective is to get participants to get into the skin of competitors. Teams are formed, teams compete, develop strategies, get in- and external news, market figures and tasks. This highly dynamic game will deliver a number of realistic 'if... then' scenario which enable you to anticipate competitive actions.

In additon, Aeneas offers tailored-made courses to accelerate the learning curve of employees. An example is Young Mobile Professionals, with an emphasis on strategic and marketing aspects of the mobile industry. Amongst others positioning, competition, service development, financials, acquisition, development and retention instruments are covered. Participants are challenged through cases.

Aeneas offers specific workshops in the field of mobile advertising. Media-developments, consumer needs, the mobile advertising valuechain, do's and don't's, services, formats, campaign-development and comparison to other media are covered.

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