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Mobile Advertising Research UK 2009

ÆNEAS STRATEGY finalises report off ambitious and far-reaching research project Mobile Advertising Research UK to expertly document the state of the mobile advertising industry in the UK and identify growth opportunities in the emerging mobile advertising marketplace.

The research project was endorsed by the Intenet Advertising Bureau UK ([link=http://www.iabuk.net]IAB[/link]), the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe ([link=http://www.iabeurope.eu/]IAB[/link]) and the Mobile Marketing Association ([link=http://www.mmaglobal.com]MMA[/link]), and conducted by us with our research partner [link=http://wwwmsearchgroove.com]MSearchGroove[/link] and guided by [link=http://www.everysingleoneofus.com]Every Single One Of Us[/link].

The report — which combines desk reseach and market analysis with valuable end user insights of over 1000+ respondents and qualitative research based on interviews with operators, enablers, agencies and brands — marks the first in a series of region-specific reports that will include Germany (2009) and North America (2010). [link=http://www.mobileadvertisingresearch.com] More information [/link]

During the inaugural event ([link=http://www.amiando.com/mobaduk.html]Mobile Advertising Research UK [/link]) organized and hosted by [link=http://camerjam.com]Camerjam[/link] June 15th in London, Peggy Salz (MSG) and Tarik presented an overview of the key findings. Amongst the most striking results a whopping 70% of UK users would accept mobile advertising if they are incentivized and in control. This puts mobile in par with television and magazines and above radio and internet advertising. [link=http://www.slideshare.net/psalz/mob-ad-uk-15-06-2009?type=powerpoint]View presentation[/link]

Pricing is GBP 2,999 ($4,866 - €3.473) for the report ([link=http://www.amiando.com/eventResources/L/Y/JSLkZTPMTvmrGq/MobAdUK%202009%20Contents.pdf]table of content[/link]), and a 500 GBP discount is available for MMA/IAB members, and people who attended the event. For more information, email [email=tarik@aeneasstrategy.nl]Tarik Fawzi[/email] or call +31 6 5311 5971.

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