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The world becomes more complex every day. Companies have additional demands on ICT to support growth and the drive towards optimisation. Businesses want to: enable business change (acquisition, mergers and divestments and shift in regional focus), support major business growth that in many cases rely on the speedy provision of ICT services for successful completion and support the drive to top performance via (process) standardisation, automation and simplification. Sourcing therefore is a key strategic business tool in order to meet these requirements. It delivers the flexibility needed to adapt in a fast changing environment and can transform an organisation's ability to create significant competitive advantage and realise its strategic ambitions. Now, organisations need even more cost-effectiveness and performance benefits from outsourcing. Using economies of scale and skills of first class ICT players.

The mobile industry has been booming the last decade. A growth which is not slowing, and happening at multiple levels: handsets, operating systems, applications, up- and download speeds, penetration, data usage, multimedia integration, internationalization and business models. However, the growth is changing! After a period of optimism, disillusion, today market players have entered a realistic phase. Following cost reduction, shareholders expect value growth. New services and technologies are being deployed; development and maintenance is often outsourced to focus on the core business. Hence, partnerships are increasingly relevant. Aeneas support players all along the mobile value chain in finding appropriate partners and closing deals on behalf of customers. On another dimension, telecom, entertainment, IT, TV, the financial sector and internet are more and more in need of each other, whereas these industries traditionally have little in common. ├ćneas supports these industries in coming together.

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